Monday, April 29, 2013

April nine patch blocks

So with just over 24hours left I am skidding in at the last minute with my nine patch blocks

These are the fabrics, not my usual colours but I am trying to be outside my comfort zone

And these are the finished blocks
I think they look pretty good
I still need to tidy the threads up though
 ( just noticed when I posted the picture)

Can t wait to see everyone s may blocks

If you pop over to Barbs blog she has already posted hers.....

I hope your hands are working on a project you love


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Saturday, April 27, 2013

some exciting news....

after my really sad news that i announced on the GDITC blog the other night
i now have some exciting news

after 20 years 
i will finally have my own sewing room

with Miss M leaving the nest late last year
Miss S 
decided to move rooms

and i have inherited her room

it's the smallest bedroom in the house
but that's ok
it will be super cosy

this is my current sewing space
at it's very worse
usually i keep it alot neater, 
but i have been busy renovating Miss S's new room
and my sewing area unfortunately becomes my dumping space

Miss S's newly painted room

My new sewing room

after all the painting in Miss S's room i was thinking of
 not painting this room

but gadget talked me round and tomorrow this room will start to get a 
freshen up

i think i will keep the red wall
as a reminder of Miss S's red faze
i actually quite like it, now i am used to it
the other 3 walls will be painted a
soft cream colour
the same as Miss S's new room
since all the 
painting paraphernalia 
is still in the house

my current crafting tools

i am also going to keep the bed in the room, 
ready for any guests who would like to stay

i think this special room deserves a name
but as yet i have nt 
come up with one

any suggestions?

 i better get off the computer as
i need to go clean up my sewing area 
as we are having guests for dinner tomorrow night

I hope your hands are working on a project that you love


Thursday, April 25, 2013

a couple of finishes

okay to be totally honest i finished this about a week or so ago
but i have been a really slack blogger

so this is the absolutely gorgeous note book cover
we received the kit for at GDITC

it was designed by the gorgeous Kerry 

since i am a bit into reproduction fabrics and purple 
at the moment i decided to use
my own fabric 
which i purchased at 
on the GDITC

i also added a some antique lace that i had
acquired from somewhere

i am really happy with it
and it has gained a permanent place in my handbag

i have also been playing with crochet
i discovered 
a few months ago
and have avidly read so much of her blog
i discovered the patterns for

the teeny tiny stars


Teeny tiny hearts

i decided to use some twine, so i could get a very natural look
the twine made it a little more challenging for a novice crocheter
regardless i managed
 create a little crocheted

which i am waiting for gadget to hang in kitchen for me
(it involves placing nails into some very hard wood, otherwise i would have done it)

more to show you very soon

I hope your hands are working on a project that you love


Wednesday, April 17, 2013


As you all know a few months ago
Google announced that they were removing
google reader from it's services

i was initially unconcerned until i logged in one day and found that
i could no longer access google reader through the
google home page

i decided i needed to find an alternative
that i could use to check
all my favourite blogs

so like a good computer addict
i googled it
i found this really informative post 

showing all the alternatives to google reader

i had a peep at a few of the alternatives but decided to give

a go mainly because i like the description 

" Its interface is less traditional and a bit more "newspaper-like," but it's very pretty. "

so because it was pretty i downloaded it

the  program downloaded this little button onto my safari  toolbar

i simply click on the button and
feedly opens up

you can view your blogs in a variety of ways
as a list

with a main photo

or in a larger format

Feedly is synced with blogger/google reader and added all the blogs that i currently follow

to comment on the blog you simply click on the title
and the blog opens in it's own window

it marks what you have read 
and only shows you what is new on the main page

i have found it very easy to use
easy to install
and you can even have a little play with the design so you can have your own background colours

it also has it's own iphone app
so i can follow my blogs when i am out an about

so i am not saying you have to use feedly
and i am not saying that it is the best option to replace 
google reader

as to be fair i haven't tried the others
all i am saying is that
i have found it a really useful tool that has worked very well for me

i hope this helps anyone who is looking for an alternative to
google reader

i hope your hands are working on a project that you love


Sunday, April 14, 2013

a clever little egg

Ok this is an official


Miss S is in the middle of year 11

 and she is studying
both textiles and art

this is the work she created for her first year 11 art assessment

they had to do an art work
that depicted the influences of society on the individual

it was amazing watching this work grow

i just wish it hadn't been created in the middle of my lounge room
apparently though she needed foxtel to inspire

and i have to  say there is no visible evidence of her painting
in the room
although when i got home from work one evening there was 
ALOT of evidence of painting on her
it was everywhere

this is one part of a three part assessment,
they had to work with three different mediums
so she did a photoshop image
and an ink image
and this painting
unfortunately i did nt get a chance to photograph the other two items

i am pretty proud of her
i think it is a really great image

this is the artwork that didn't make it into the assessment

she rejected this

the hair was totally created using phrases that she felt influenced her as individual

i just love the eye

so detailed and amazing

as you can tell i am pretty proud of her

. . . . thats enough bragging for now . . . .

i hope your hands are working on a project that you love


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Caring with Quilts.....Quilt

I know i have posted some of these pics before but i feel 
the quilt deserves 
a post all of it's own

so as you know a few months ago
i made the insane decision to make a quilt
for chooky's
"caring with quilts"

i headed off shopping looking for a jelly roll to create a quick quilt

i didn't find one
but i did find a heap of fabric i loved so 
i created my own
Jelly roll

                                       after after lot's of cutting i had these gorgeous piles
                                                        lined up beside Victoria
                                                          (the sewing machine)

the quilt started coming together rather quickly

and i love that i had Miss M's bed to lay everything out on

i had the quilt completed about  two and a half weeks before GDITC
although it came together really quickly we just had a really busy period 
in the egg household

(oh let's face it when is there not a busy period in the egg household)

anyway with 2 1/2 weeks to go 
the panic started rising about getting it quilted in time
as things didn't appear to be quieting down at all

so i called my Friend Jan

with the plea of can you fit it in and quilt it for me

not only did Jan accept the quilt but she 
refused to accept
payment for it
she Donated her quilting

I think that was amazing and am so grateful to Jan for 
quilting the quilt for me she did a spectacular job

a close up

the overall effect......doesn't it look great
(sorry it's a bit blurry)

and with binding being done in the car 
and when i was sitting in Bridget late on thursday night
and again when the girls were doing show and tell

and the last stitches were stitched at mount misery cafe
as we waited for dinner

i was proudly able to hand over

the quilt
which never got a name

to a very cheeky Chook

i was thrilled to make this quilt and 
to have the 
opportunity to participate
in this charity

and to give back something to the universe
after all the 
wonderful gifts the universe has given me

Hope your hands are working on a project that you love