Secret sewing and new beginnings

wow i can't believe how long it has been since i have sat here at the computer and written in my blog.  i actually created a few drafts but then just deleted them for a variety of reasons. 

a few months back i was very fortunate to have been invited to join the most lovely group of girls for a weekend away at MiddleBrook, it was just heavenly sipping G & T's and eating yummy nibbles on the deck of an afternoon and stitching and chatting away throughout the day and into the wee small hours of the morning. They even managed to achieve something almost unheard of in my household.... i forsaked my morning cuppa and went for a walk. My husband knows full well that i won't do anything until that first cup of Tea is finished.....if we do a road trip and he want's to leave early he actually makes me one in my travel cup so i can have it in the car.

anyway the above photo was of a project i made whilst at Middlebrook, i arrived at middlebrook with some white fabric a charm pack and an idea in my head. This was to be a gift for my sister for christmas, the beginning of my secret sewing.

i was happy with it, but felt it lacked something . . . .

so i set it aside and worked on other projects and contemplated what i could add, i rummaged through books and found a design in my Gail Pan book ,  "Patchwork loves Embroidery" , and after a bit of tweaking  i created a little something in the corner to brighten the design. 

the second secret stitching project was for a christmas swap with my gorgeous sewing group, i made the gorgeous "Dave the Dachsund", I was inspired to make Dave by the gorgeous Susan after seeing hers at Middlebrook, and Susan even suggested that dave could become a wonderful stitching companion with the addition of a few items.  Dave was received by the perfect new owner my friend  Tiffany. Tiffany loves dogs,  so he was a great success.

and above is the making's of a new start for the new year, i was a cross stitcher way back when i was much slimmer , had more time and silver wasn't a colour in my hair.   Recently it has re entered my life, i must admit with the encouragement of the always wicked Cardygirl and Miss Linen the twin temptresses .

this cross stitch is a stitch - a -long organised by Miss Linen, commencing on the 1st of January 2016, i m very excited to start using my gorgeous overdyed threads and embark on a new adventure.

"i hope your hands are working on a project that you love"


Googy Girl


Susan said…
A clever touch to add the embroidery...and I love those dashounds ...enjoy the cross stitch....I think a lot of us did cross stitch before patchwork!
Maria said…
Yes yes I was also a Ross stitcher and would like to it again one day. Your project looks pretty.
The table runner looks lovely with the embroidered corner.Love the Dashound...
Susan said…
Middlebrook seems such a long time ago, but it was a fun weekend, and it was great getting to know you better. I have resisted the sal, but will live vicariously through you in the coming going to be gorgeous.
about time you blogged again........miss you......see you have been doing things.........the runner is lovely........
Sonia said…
Good to see you've been busy ❤️

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