Stitching away

Last weekend Gadget and i  decided to have a little road trip. so we hooked Bridget the glamping van up and we headed out to Dubbo to visit zoo.

so with four hours in the car i needed a little something to do in the car and as i have no knitting on my needles at the moment i thought it was a perfect opportunity to catch up on my Lucy Boston blocks. i was three months behind

so this is my car stitching, i did pretty well with no major stabbing injuries.

we had an absolutely marvellous time at the zoo and i took some absolutely fantastic photo's of the animals.  I really enjoyed the zoo and would highly recommend it.

after the long days at the zoo i got to enjoy a little wine o'clock stitching
so progress was pretty good
after several text messages with the ever helpful Chooky and Sandy i was totally in the Lucy Boston mode and i have now chosen my main background fabric, it's a little different and not at all traditional but i think it will look absolutely marvellous. but you will have to wait and see.....

this block was finished off at home, but the majority was done during the car journey home.
So i am all caught up with my Lucy Boston blocks but after working out sizes etc . . . .  i know realise i have a lot  of blocks to make so feel it's probably time i started creating some of my own blocks.

i have to say i am not terribly good at fussy cutting, well i seem to get the cutting right, it's just positioning the papers on the back in the right place.

if anyone has any suggestions i would really appreciate it.

and this is my progress on my cross stitch i am a little behind everyone else but that's ok, I'm really enjoying the project. even if i seem awfully slow.

do you find you seen to get in a bit of a habit with stitching?
not so very long back i was all about sitting at the machine, but now i seem to be spending a lot of time sitting on the lounge with my hand stitching . . . .

it's all getting very exciting here with only 60 days until we leave our Europe trip is now feeling very real and i am starting to get my stitching projects organised for the trip.

"i hope your hands are working on a project that you love"
Googy Girl

"Life is like a cup of tea, it s all in how you make it"


Susan said…
So lucky to be able to sew in the car, I would get about five stitches done! Your blocks look great, and I can't wait to see what background you chose. I use lots of little dots on the back to line up my papers. Love the cross stitch, it's too big to rush, just enjoy every stitch.
wish2stitch said…
I do like the Yeas I agree, you get into and out of the habit of stitching (just like exercise). Really depends on what is happening around me as to whether I need to relax on the lounge or focus at the machine.
Deb R said…
id love to be able to sew in the car especially with all the travelling we do! My poor machine doesn't get a look in lately lol all handwork...Your cross stitch is lovely, as is your lucy boston blocks.
Jenny said…
The block looks great and so does your cross stitch both take a lot of time and work....
Susan said…
I love cross stitch but just no time to do it and everything else...I can't really help with postioning for fussy cutting - but I wonder if the tempaltes with holes cut in them would help??

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