We arrived in Italy at lunch time yesterday.  We didn't have the greatest of days the security staff at the Airport at Marseille were a bit on the difficult side making us ( everyone travelling) remove jewellery, watches, belts, jackets and camera ect from our bags, then our carry on bag was searched for "electronique's"  The electronics turned out to be our GPS and a battery  charger. 
I totally understand the importance of security but the staff were very unpleasant about the whole process even though we willingly complied and tried to assist them,
Anyway we boarded our plane to Brussels , then a second plane to Venice.
We arrived safely at Venice however our luggage didn't . . . . 
We put a baggage claim in, they knew the  location of one of the suitcase 's . . . Brussels, the other suitcase's location was unknown.
We picked up our hire car and headed off to Padua to our hotel, with only the clothes on our backs , my camera our iPads and phones......

The basilica of Saint Anthony

This would have to be the most Beautiful church on the inside, the painting is just stunning.... And the chapel where the remains of Saint Anthony are laid was just gorgeous. Sadly I wasn't allowed to take photos of the inside of the church so I can't share it with you.

We drove down this street, after driving in France , driving down a narrow street is a breeze now.
When we went to bed last night, gadgets suitcase had arrived and the location of myn was still unknown. I was trying very hard to have faith that it would be found after all I was sleeping just metres away from the patron saint of lost and stolen things. But it was hard thinking of the souvenirs that I may have lost.


Googy Girl


Fiona said…
Oh dear - Im sure your suitcase will turn up....


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