Chookshed party

So  I received a little reminder from Chookyblue that it was the Chookshed's  party this weekend and since I was not making an effort to get to the chookshed, I better at least do a post ..... Lol so here it is. 
We left Italy at midday today ( our time, about 8pm Australian time) we had some dramas at the airport at Naples , but I won't get into that. 
We boarded our flight bound for Istanbul.

So here I am starting to put my Lucy Boston block together on the plane, no champagne and crackers for me . . . . Just lots of blue skies.

Better photo from the plane.

Our super swish motel in Istandbul, sadly we can't go to the city 😔. 

A bit of stitching in the motel , waiting for my bottle of Italian wine to get cold.  

Progress was good, and the wine was lovely.

Gadget forced me to put the stitching down, to give to the bar ( to see what meals they had)
But you can't stop a good stitcher on a roll . . . . 

No bad for one afternoon. 
Happy Birthday Chookshed, I know you girls are having a great time . . . 
Wish I could be there in person, but a girls got to do what a girls got to do . . . . LOL

Sonra görüsürüz
( see you later in Turkish) 

 Googy Girl


Janice said…
Great to see you were still able to join the party. Good timing for having time to stitch. I've loved travelling around Italy with you both.
Susan said…
Another wonderful tale to tell from your holiday. x
Susan said…
Good to see you able to join in cyberally like most of us! Happy & Safe ravels - its fun reading about your trip.
well since you were not coming home from your holiday early to make it to the party you joined the next best heaps of flash hotel.......
I was thinking of you stitching Lucy........
Fiona said…
have a lovely time ... so great you joined in with the sewing! looks a lovely place to stay
Sonia said…
Love this block. Can't wait to catch up with you soon
Raewyn said…
Lovely block and what a way to celebrate Chooky's party!

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