Samos, Kokkari

Samos is an Greek island in the eastern Aegean Sea, it is just 1.6km off the coast of Asia Minor 
In ancient times Samos was an especially rich and powerful island particularly known for its vineyards and wine production.  It was the home of Pythagoras who we all would have loved to have strangled in high school, well I know I did ... lol

We are staying in the small fishing village of Kokkari, 
whilst kokkari has now developed into a bit of a tourist haven with cafes lined up along the waters edge and a beautiful long beach to enjoy,


 it has maintained its traditional appearance with white houses, small winding streets and lanes filled with flowers and friendly locals.  It is a quiet tourist destination with lovely bars to while away the hours 


If you look at this image on the far right you can see two windows on the top storey, that is our little Kokkari home. Below us an Italian restaurant called Basilico.  Each morning we sipped our tea and watching tourists wander backwards and forwards along the fishermans wharf. In the evening we watched the locals heading out in their small fishing boats and the restaurant staff setting up for the evening, whilst across the water we could see the tourists starting to gather at the various bars and cafes.

On our second day here we decided to head off to see what was around, we did have a list of suggestions from our friend whom is allowing us to stay in her home.

So we jumped on our trusty scooter and headed into the hills to   


Vourliotes is a picturesque mountain village, it only has about 500 residents and is a beautiful Greek village
We decided to have lunch.  here at a lovely little cafe called "Blue chairs". The lovely waitress attempted to help us perfect our Greek ( we are really not very good)


And we had an amazing traditional Greek lunch, very yummy.
After lunch we headed off again this time we headed to a monastery just outside the town.


The monastery sustained a large amount of damage in  a bush fire back in 2000 and the handful of monks who reside here are slowly trying to rebuild it.  The chapel has been partially repainted with the most beautiful images in vibrant rich colours similar to a Byzantine style.  Apparently the monastery is one of the oldest on the island.  We purchased a few bits and pieces, to help the rebuilding program. The views from up there were spectacular.
On another day we headed to the township of 

Manolates is another quaint little mountain village filled with pottery and jewellery shops and cafes.


We walked through the village to its highest point to have lunch at the


Lukas bar/ cafe , we again had a great traditional meal, and were entertained by the local cats who were very good at getting your attention, whilst you are trying to look at the view above.

Pretty much other than that we have been sitting either



Or here


Or enjoying this view.

( good morning)

Googy Girl


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