The nest and a 30 day challenge

I first had my little nest quite a while ago, then lost it for a while and for the past few months this lovely little space has been myn again.

my old horn sewing machine cabinet is now my cutting station and that little pile you can see on the left is my current project pile, it's not very big but thats because most of my UFO projects are  packed away

this is my little sit and stitch corner, Jemima and Paddington are my favourite companions. Jemima was made when my girls were little and was recently re- dressed by my mum as a nurse using my old nursing uniforms. Paddington returned from England with me this year.

my sewing area is just as I wanted it, the table is our old dining room table, purchased by Mr Googy and I when we were first married, I just couldn't part with it and am glad I didn't because its a perfect sewing table, even down to the convenient draw that holds all my bibs and bobs that I need in the middle of stitching.

my ironing board moved into my room only recently 
and I love it being there already, even though it crowds the room a little

I will never be bored in my little nest, Mr T gifted me his old TV, our old dvd moved into my room when Mr Googy purchased a surround system which came with a blue ray / DVD player
and just because I am truely spoiled I even have Apple TV in my room so I have Stan and Netflix to keep my entertained.

but with all this fabulousness, 
the nest is somewhere I rarely spend time these days 

I m not really sure
busyness . . . .
reluctance to leave Mr Googy alone of an evening . . . .
my interest in knitting has definetly been a contributor 
to my lack of time in spending time in the nest . . . 

recently in a fit of grumpiness I retreated to the nest and CLEANED

( I clean best when I am cranky)

and the amount of projects that were half done that I was still in love 
was huge

anyway this all co incided with a conversation with 

and resulted in the 
30 day sewing room challenge

the rules are simple 
we have to spend a minimum of 15 mins in our sewing rooms
every day for 30 days
we are sending each other images to prove we are meeting the requirements

so today I headed in to the nest for my day one

and this was the result, I was in there for probably an hour ,
during that time I batted up and started quilting 
my new cushion cover

it felt great being back in my cosy little space
and I really look forward to this challenge and seeing what I can achieve

I don't need therapy 
I just need to spend time with my sewing machine

see you soon

Googy Girl


Janice said…
Have fun in your sewing space, especially as it is even nice and clean. I wonder what you will create?
go girl......I thought I agreed to can do
Jenny said…
Its nice to reclaim. Hope you gets lots done.
Anita said…
I long for the day I can have a nest! Good on you for committing to sewing every day...I think I need to do this.....I had a huge clean out last week.....and of course found so many projects...started and Unstarted! Lol
Susan said…
I think Mr Googy needs to get involved in something so you can leave him alone and spend time in your nest. The 10 minutes a day is a great step forward..
Clare said…
I think this challenge is a great idea. I`m trying to get another project bag done. Plus plenty of UFO`s and new ones that have come on board. One of our cat`s `Peanut` has taken over my stitching chair but not the sewing machine one. Happy Stitching.

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