The workshop

I can't beleive it has been a week since i last posted on here. It has been a really busy week, with alot happening, but then school holidays is always a busy time.  as most of you know last saturday i started my workshop with Lyn Hewitt. the workshop was a two day workshop and it was near to home, so i came home excited and babbling but tired on both evenings.

This is Lynn and one of her beautiful examples of how she has made many quilts out of the 
"winding ways" block
Lyn arrived with four or five examples of how she had put this block within a quilt and each was individual and beautiful in it's own way. Lynn was previously the president of the NSW quilters guild and travels all over Australia judging quilting competitions and doing workshops.

This one is named red moon rising, i think the use of the red in this black and white quilt is fantastic and had everyone a little intrigued and inspired.

Lynn was a fabulous educator and had us all chuckling at our machines as she told us jokes and stories of her experiences. she also had us all in awe as she explained her many trips overseas, particularly to Japan.  She cracked the whip a fair bit and had us all hard at it.  She also spent plenty of time cutting blocks for each of us as we slaved away at our machines and spent plenty of time with each of us getting to know us.  I was very fortunate to be loaned this Matilda's own turntable cutting mat, thanks to my fabulous local quilts shop owner Cath. It made cutting around the round templates much easier. 

By the end of the first day i went home with these five blocks almost completed, sorry the colour is a bit off the lighting in the room was difficult.

And by the end of the second day i came home with these four blocks, and as you can see i am having a go at my own variation of Lynn's red moon rising . . . . . myn is in blue therefore this quilt has named itself already and will be 

Blue Moon

In the afternoon of the last day Lynn spent some time with us teaching us some other techniques.  We were taught a really nifty technique, how to create a really cute little quater inch border and Lynn spent sometime showing us the correct method of applying binding, she explained that many times, poor binding techniques has resulted in really lovely quilts losing a position in quilts competitions.

Anyway best be off here i need to go to work to fund my hobby. . . . . . .

hope you all have a great weekend

catch you all soon




Tish it sounds like you had a perfect weekend...your blocks look fantastic...
love the effect the blocks have in the quilt........what a great workshop.......
Cardygirl said…
Looks like lots of fun!
Maree: said…
What a Fabulous Workshop looks like something I would love to do...Your Blocks look Great!!
Linda said…
What fun!! Love your blocks!!
Lyn said…
The quilts look great- it is always those little tips and tricks which make a workshop so worthwhile- there's always something new we can learn.

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