Christmas in July with the Coites

Late last week, we removed the cover from the trailer, freshened up the sheets, packed the quilts and the winter woolies and headed off to spend Christmas in July with our Coite family.

the trailers were lined up neatly and we got down to work, the shed was cleared and and the tables set

The young ones decorated the tree

they got a little excited and Miss S got a little wrapped up

in the afternoon it was time for a little fun the boys, wacked a ball around

I did some much needed catch up work on my Tis the season that was until

i was surprised with a cake for my birthday

this little guy was pretty keen, luckily he didn't eat much

the leprechaun is a frequent visitor on the Coite's weekends away, he  gets up to lots of mischief and turns up in the strangest of place's

as the sun went down it was back to work

the girls were on spud peeling duty

the guys were on coal making duty

finally the ovens went on

here i must confess that my blogger duties went bad and i tucked the camera into bed

the meal was fabulous, with an assortment of roast meats
roast pumpkin, potatoes and sweet potato, 
corn and peas and beans

there was pudding and trifle for dessert and of course cake as well

we also had a duo singing for us and we danced to the wee small hours

all in all another great Coite weekend

Thanks to our fabulous hosts, the cousins of Itchy and Hairy Coite and also 
 to grandma and grandpa Itchy Coite

thought i would show you my bench top cover i made, i purchased these gorgeous tea towels from Nundle earlier this year for the trailer, but decided that they were much to nice to get all stained and dirty, so i measured up the bench and Voila, it brightens up the trailer no end

ohhh well . . . . .  guess i will  Nundle HAVE to go to Nundle again to buy some more tea towels


Linda said…
Looks like you had a great time...Christmas in July...sounds like fun!!
Farm Girl said…
I love this post, sounds like a fabulous time. Merry Christmas in July!
what fun........cold but fun........
....another great camping guys sure know how to make a camp terrific fun by the looks of all that....thanks for sharing.....

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