Friday, July 29, 2011

Winnetta's story

Winnetta is my antique sewing machine. 

Winnetta came into our household around 2001 – 2002, Gadget and i were shopping at Morpeth. We came across a quaint little antique shop, at the very back of the shop hidden beneath many bibs and bobs were two treadle sewing machines, Winnetta was the most expensive of the two and instantly captured my heart, we talked about the machine with the owner of the shop, she claimed the machine was in good working order, she also identified that it had only just arrived and she had yet to get it serviced, she then offered a $50 drop in price due to it’s need for a service. We smiled sweetly and said we would think about it and headed off for coffee, i felt that was the last i would see the machine. After about 15mins Gadget, said so . . . . . do you want the machine?

I replied with something similar to is the Pope catholic?

So with my feet dancing we wandered back, the shop owner was happily surprised, Gadget was reserved and ask that she bring the machine out so we could see if it worked, she re arranged the shop and brought her out, she did indeed seem to work, but would need a new belt, gadget inspected the machine (as if he knew what to look for) the shop owner then identified that she believed the machine had it’s shuttle when it was purchased, she know however was unable to find it, she dropped the price a further $50, the deal was set and my father in law was sent up with a trailer to bring her home.

When i was cleaning up the machine i discovered in the cabinet, where the machine folded down into, not only the shuttle but also the original instruction manual. Unfortunately the manual had no cover so other than that she was American i had no idea of her heritage.

Winnetta sews beautifuly and the hum of the treadle is magic, one day in the near future it is my plan to make a quilt top excusively using Winnetta

To be continued



Monday, July 25, 2011


My thoughts and prayers go out to all my Norwegian friends

( inspired by a similar post on allie-oops sweet happy life)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Christmas in July with the Coites

Late last week, we removed the cover from the trailer, freshened up the sheets, packed the quilts and the winter woolies and headed off to spend Christmas in July with our Coite family.

the trailers were lined up neatly and we got down to work, the shed was cleared and and the tables set

The young ones decorated the tree

they got a little excited and Miss S got a little wrapped up

in the afternoon it was time for a little fun the boys, wacked a ball around

I did some much needed catch up work on my Tis the season that was until

i was surprised with a cake for my birthday

this little guy was pretty keen, luckily he didn't eat much

the leprechaun is a frequent visitor on the Coite's weekends away, he  gets up to lots of mischief and turns up in the strangest of place's

as the sun went down it was back to work

the girls were on spud peeling duty

the guys were on coal making duty

finally the ovens went on

here i must confess that my blogger duties went bad and i tucked the camera into bed

the meal was fabulous, with an assortment of roast meats
roast pumpkin, potatoes and sweet potato, 
corn and peas and beans

there was pudding and trifle for dessert and of course cake as well

we also had a duo singing for us and we danced to the wee small hours

all in all another great Coite weekend

Thanks to our fabulous hosts, the cousins of Itchy and Hairy Coite and also 
 to grandma and grandpa Itchy Coite

thought i would show you my bench top cover i made, i purchased these gorgeous tea towels from Nundle earlier this year for the trailer, but decided that they were much to nice to get all stained and dirty, so i measured up the bench and Voila, it brightens up the trailer no end

ohhh well . . . . .  guess i will  Nundle HAVE to go to Nundle again to buy some more tea towels

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the end of an era

Is was back in 2001 when i entered a book shop in Bathurst NSW to purchase a book to read to my seven year old daughter. I had heard alot about this book and thought it would be perfect to cosy up with her and read in the late afternoon's on our holiday which has just begun . . . . . 
we were in Bathurst to celebrate Gadget's graduation,   after the graduation we headed off to Sydney.

this is the actual book we purchased in Bathurst

we sailed out of Sydney Harbour in the late afternoon on the cruise ship "pacific sky", the next day we turned the first page and entered the world of Harry, Ron and Hermoine . . . . .

Miss M reminded me that as i pulled her up onto my lap, i told her "we were going to read a story about a boy named Harry and that Harry was a special boy because he was a Wizard . . . ."

throughout the years Harry, Ron and Hermoine have remained a constant in our lives.

By our  holiday in Thailand in 2005, Miss M was hooked and drove us to insanity until we purchased the "Half blood prince", the book had been released the day before, she had been counting down the days . . . .  and we had to scour the bookshops in Bangkok to find a English version.

she devoured the book in 36 hours with me saying slow down you will have nothing to read on the plane home . . . . She finished the book not long after the plane took off and i spent the remaining hours, reading about Harry as we winged our way back home.

We have seen all the movies together and have read every book soon after it's release .. . . Miss S soon caught up with us and also became a Potter fan.

this morning at three minutes after midninght Miss M, Miss S and i sat down to watch the final episode in the Harry Potter series.  We were surrounded by Harry, Ron, Luna, Dumbledore, Draco and Hermoine look alikes, there was even a couple whom had dressed up as the cupboard under the stairs.

as we watched the movie i could here the faint sobs from my girls as characters they had grown to love, lost their lives. I could hear the cheers as the hero's came through and saved the day . . . . 

despite the early hour it was great and i came home tired but exhilarated.

as i drove Miss S to work this morning i mulled over, the Harry years , and thought about the gift i had given my girls, probably the greatest of gifts you can give anyone . . . .

the gift of reading and the gift of imagination . . . . .

i know that in our household Harry, Ron and Hermoine will live on . . . . . forever . . . . . and  i am now thinking about how much fun it will be to one day, in the hopefully distant future, to share the same gift with my grandchildren . . .

Hope your hands are busy working on a project that you love



Saturday, July 9, 2011

The workshop

I can't beleive it has been a week since i last posted on here. It has been a really busy week, with alot happening, but then school holidays is always a busy time.  as most of you know last saturday i started my workshop with Lyn Hewitt. the workshop was a two day workshop and it was near to home, so i came home excited and babbling but tired on both evenings.

This is Lynn and one of her beautiful examples of how she has made many quilts out of the 
"winding ways" block
Lyn arrived with four or five examples of how she had put this block within a quilt and each was individual and beautiful in it's own way. Lynn was previously the president of the NSW quilters guild and travels all over Australia judging quilting competitions and doing workshops.

This one is named red moon rising, i think the use of the red in this black and white quilt is fantastic and had everyone a little intrigued and inspired.

Lynn was a fabulous educator and had us all chuckling at our machines as she told us jokes and stories of her experiences. she also had us all in awe as she explained her many trips overseas, particularly to Japan.  She cracked the whip a fair bit and had us all hard at it.  She also spent plenty of time cutting blocks for each of us as we slaved away at our machines and spent plenty of time with each of us getting to know us.  I was very fortunate to be loaned this Matilda's own turntable cutting mat, thanks to my fabulous local quilts shop owner Cath. It made cutting around the round templates much easier. 

By the end of the first day i went home with these five blocks almost completed, sorry the colour is a bit off the lighting in the room was difficult.

And by the end of the second day i came home with these four blocks, and as you can see i am having a go at my own variation of Lynn's red moon rising . . . . . myn is in blue therefore this quilt has named itself already and will be 

Blue Moon

In the afternoon of the last day Lynn spent some time with us teaching us some other techniques.  We were taught a really nifty technique, how to create a really cute little quater inch border and Lynn spent sometime showing us the correct method of applying binding, she explained that many times, poor binding techniques has resulted in really lovely quilts losing a position in quilts competitions.

Anyway best be off here i need to go to work to fund my hobby. . . . . . .

hope you all have a great weekend

catch you all soon



Saturday, July 2, 2011


Abraham Lincoln has been quoted as saying that  he doesn't "think much of a man whom is not wiser today than he was yesterday" and Harry S Truman was quoted as saying "that it is what you learn after you know it all that truly matters".

I have to say i really do like learning, whilst university was very stressful, and often very intrusive on our family life, it has now paid dividends not only financially but also on a more personal level. it changed forever how i perceive myself and i feel i am now a stronger more confident person. Anyway enough belly button gazing and onto what i am trying to tell you all.....

 Today i am taking these fabrics, my trusty sewing machine, cutting mat. . . . . . .ect ect ect. . . .

 and i am doing a Lynn Hewitt workshop
with the Novocastrian Quilters Guild . . . . .

i am going to make

this quilt

. . . . . . I am a little bit excited . . . .

hope to have some pictures of the workshop for you 
if Lynn and the other ladies don't mind

Ciao for now