a very special delivery

This post is a little late, i would like to apologise to my secret santa

last friday i had a very special delivery off the Chookyblue
secret santa christmas swap sleigh

i am not sure who my secret santa is yet but i received my two lovely presents

the one above is my decoration which i was allowed to open

it's a gorgeous knitted decoration which will go perfectly with my norwegian knitted christmas decorations can't wait to get them all out together to show you

above is my beautifully wrapped christmas day present
can't wait to see whats inside

20 sleeps to go



Allie said…
That is really darling, I've never seen anything like it - can't wait to see your tree! Mine isn't up yet....
oh I have been very lucky to received some ornaments like that......sneeky Santa..........lol.......
Jenny said…
Its beautiful. I just love Scandinavian Christmas decorations.
Cheryll said…
Isn't this a FuN time of the festive season! Merry Christmas :)
Cheryl said…
Love that ornament.....the waiting is so hard!!!
Very nice now to keep waiting til the 25th
Very nice now to keep waiting til the 25th
Nemo said…
One more sleep to go.. ;)

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