Friday night with friends

my post is a little late (as usual) but i did take part in

one of the things i really love doing is making up my own pattern
Now i am definitely no designer 
but i do occasionally get inspired and have a play at making up my own pattern

so this friday night i had a play
i used some left over fabric from my scrubs and used some special
heat resistant wadding
and did some quilting, i used this really cool wavy stitch my machine can do

almost finished . . . . doesn't the wavy stitch look cool . . . 

i cut out this really cool kidney shape and made two pockets for the back
stitched some binding on



my new pot holder

i hope you had a great friday night stitching with friends



Susan said…
A beautiful original for Christmas.
Lyn said…
A great idea, love the fabric
Carin said…
What a great idea, love it.
Fantastic, love the zig zag quilting. Great idea
Noela said…
Love the quilting design. Congratulations on making up your own design. Hugs.....
Fiona said…
love it.... and that wavy stitch is perfect ....
... now I think you should call yourself a designer... even if it's only a few things!!
Great idea.....looks fantastic
Allie said…
That is absolutely adorable!! I have that stitch on my machine too, it's one of my favorites - I use it down the seams of blocks on my quilts, and it stitches down both sides of the seams, and makes an awesome puckery looking quilt. Great job girl!
jfoster8 said…
Very nice....clever girl
Sisbabestitches said…
A great pattern, that wavy stitch is way cool :)
Jenny said…
So creative Trish. Love the curvy quilting.

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