a finish and a rediscovery

Toward the end of last year Thorpe and Co had a bit of a fabric sale
i grabbed three different fabrics to make some skirts

this is the first of the three skirts
it is made in an 
Amy Butler fabric

i think it looks really fresh and summery
(shame about the old wobbly legs coming out the bottom)

i tried to make it look really professional and double top stitched the side seams
put an invisible zipper in
and added a little detail to the bottom

the bottom detail
a bias hem

way way back in July 2011 i attended a workshop
i blogged about it here
for the past 18 months this project was shelved in it's little box
waiting . . . . 

so out she came and i had a little play
and it is back on the sewing cabinet
and my motivation to get some work done on it is at an all time high
unfortunately for my rediscovered project
Today i dropped Victoria (my sewing machine)
off for a service at Thorpe and co (the service centre in Newcastle for Bernina's)
for her first service

so i have to go dig out my old trusty Betsy (Brother sewing machine)
hope she is still happy to play with me otherwise it might be a long 3 wks till 
Victoria returns

how often do you get your machine serviced?

hope your hands are working on something that you love



Susan said…
Your skirt looks fantastic, very professional and better than anything you will buy! I love your winding ways, really nice colours. I am ashamed to say I don't service my machine very often at all.....maybe 3 times in 15 years.
Cardygirl said…
Your skirt looks great...so do the legs you lovely chook!
Linda said…
Love the skirt...it will be great in the warm weather! I need to take my machine in as well...I take it apart and clean it myself every couple weeks...but not serviced often enough! Have a great day!!
Fiona said…
lovely skirts.. and nothing wrong with those legs!! love your patching... I have basic non computerise machines so I do a clean and oil myself....
Great skirt...rediscovered project ..and legs!!
sewing machine service?? ...whoops..Ill have to put that on my list...thanks for the reminder! Xx Lea
Anonymous said…
All looks great, wobbly legs and all :)
Cheryl said…
Pretty skirt....I love the hem! I give my machine regular cleanings and try to get it in once a year for a go over. I figure it has to last me a long time.

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