This post is a little late, but as i have been away on a little mini holiday, i haven't had a chance to put this up until now

on Christmas day i opened all my lovely pressie's from my family and friends
and as i was cleaning up i noticed that there was still one lone pressie still under the tree

it was with great excitement i opened my SSCS pressie from

i received this absolutely gorgeous wall hanging, lovingly stitched 
in Norway

look at the gorgeous stitching and designs

i also received this lovely little calendar

and some very yummy chocolate, can't wait to open these 

i know it has been said a hundred times, but here it comes again

i just want to say a huge Thank you to
for all the hard work she put into the SSCS swap
it's a huge job and no body does it better than Chooky

just wanted to share with you what i have been very lucky to have enjoyed nearly evening for the last week or so

a sunset at beautiful Soldiers Point

hope the New Year brings you all that dream of



Kelli said…
What a sweet present, soo cute!! And looks like your mini holiday was gorgeous and relaxing! :) Happy New Year!
Fiona said…
such a lovely wallhanging... and such a lovely place for a mini holiday....
Susan said…
Lovely wall hanging. Gorgeous sunset, lucky you.
Allie said…
Well now I want to go on holiday there, wow, Soldiers Point, better book my ticket. That little wallhanging is just GORGEOUS!!!!!! What a beautiful, thoughtful gift!
Anthea said…
Oh I do love that design, Gail Pan is one of my favourites!
Very nice gifts received there form SSCS...
visiting from SSCS list
great gifts.........always a nice surprise on Christmas day.......lovely stitcheries by Nemo......thanks for being part of the SSCS 2012 and for the help you gave me in the swap also....
lovely sunset.....
Deb R said…
Lovely pressies from Nemo!! Nice view of your holiday...looks soo relaxing.
Anonymous said…
Looks gorgeous :)

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