Road trip to the chookshed

Last week I had two special friends come over for a sleepover, they had heard all about the nest ( my new sewing room) and felt that since they were pretty knowledgable about both nests and sewing they would pop over to check it out.

They happily jumped up on the chair and helped out with some sewing

Peg and Dale were the very first guest to sleep over in the nest

We talked about my road trip to Chookyblues and since Peg and Dale knew I was finishing night duty the morning I was heading off they felt that I needed some company for the trip, they jumped up and rode shot gun with me, they were great travel companions they never complained once about my singing or my music. Peg even helped me out by sharing my popcorn, it definetly helped my waist line.

We arrived at our destination just as the sun was going down, and let me tell you the views were spectacular, I could have stopped a dozen times to take photo's

We received a big warm welcome to the chookshed

And we stocked the fridge ready for the weekend

Over the weekend we had a glass of bubbles or two

The lovely Jules dropped in on both days to do some stitching with us, and even brought us some super yummy date scones.

When I arrived my winding ways quilt was in many pieces, as it had been for about 18 months , I had to finish a few blocks, And then we were able toput the design wall to use and played with block placement, it was a definite collaborative job with Chooky, Jules and I all working together to get it just right.

Chooky even did the cutting of the borders for me

By the end of the weekend, my winding ways was completed and I am absolutely thrilled with it . . . . .
Check out the spunky pink slippers

Chooky and I decided that we should have a bit of a play so we pulled out her 60 degree ruler and a tub of fabric and together we worked creating what we dubbed 60 degrees of fun

The pieces came together quickly, and even though some stitching was done after the bubbles, in no time at all

We had all the blocks how we wanted them, by the time I left on Monday morning we had four rows joined and Chooky looked pretty keen to keep going. As you can see the girls were supervising us and our work.

My winding ways quilt was not my only completed project on the weekend, Chooky encouraged me to use starters and finishers , and in this case I used my June nine patch blocks and in no time . . . . Tah dah finished nine patch blocks

Driving home I took the opportunity to stop and take some photos, these sheep were not real keen to move off their road . . . . . And I didn't mind they made a great photo.

And since the other photo did nt really show my blocks, here is another shot so everyone can see my lovely chookyblue inspired nine patch blocks.

We had a fabulous time, it was wonderful spending time with such an inspiring friend and her absolutely lovely family.

"I hope your hands are working on a project that you love"



Anita said…
Perfect weekend!
Anonymous said…
what a wonderful weekend spent with bloggy friends,love the quilts you girls achieved alot,well done.xx
Fiona said…
how great to catch up and get so much sewing done too.... I love your winding ways.. each time I look there seems another pattern... glad to see Peg and Dale having fun too!!
LOL....perfect weekend for all your 'works'...nothing better, special friends, sewing, some
Susan said…
Sounds like you had a lovely stitchy weekend together. I really like your winding ways quilt, looks good put together.
Anne Lise said…
It seems that you have had a wonderful weekend.
I really love your winding ways quilt and specially the blueish circle on it. Beautiful.
Deb R said…
Ohh I love your winding ways quilt too!!!! I've been to the chook shed, but haven't sewn in there as yet!!! Jealous, but glad you all had a wonderful weekend
Susan said…
Your quilt looks great - nice of Peg & Dale to keep you company..
Oh it was such a lovely weekend.....had a great time.........thanks for perking me up.........and 60deg of fun was heaps of when are you coming again???
Jenny said…
I heard you had a visit to the chook shed. Looks like you all had fun. Love the quilt.
Nicky said…
Looks like so much fun was had by all. Your winding ways quilt is stunning, I love the colors/fabrics, very pretty.
Oh what a lovely post...I'd love to visit the Chookshed one day...learn about this 60o of fun...check out the views...and have some bubbles!
DAWNIE said…
Just love the border on that quilt - really sets it off. Nothing better than having a weekend stitching with friends.

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