Advent calendar

Another project out of the basket . . . .

Anni Down's Advent Calendar
from A Christmas Story

i really like taking these close up shots

i actually took these photo's a few days ago 
and was going to post them to show you all 
what i was up to,  
but things have been very busy around here . . .
and after a late night stitching session . . . .
taaahh dahhhh

sorry the photo is a little dull, but i was  having trouble with lighting

so i took it back outside , in between the rain . . .
sorry Chooky but we have had alot, i keep trying to send it your way 
but . . .
it seems to like hanging around the coast 

i am not sure why but this is my favourite bauble

 i made a  bit of a mistake with the baubles, i cut out a larger size template
and it wasn't until i had almost finished all the baubles 
that i realised
my girls very kindly reassured me by saying
don't worry mum
it looks like our Christmas tree
full to the brim . . . .

i still need to get the marking off this
but couldn't wait to show you

i guess now i have to wait a few months before i get to use it

hope your all happy and healthy



It looks lovely!! I made the advent calender a couple of years back for a sample in a craft shop, and must admit I was a bit sad when I sent it off!
Janice said…
It has turned out beautifully. You might have a bit of a wait, but no last minute rush either.
oh it looks have been busy I love could always hang it up for xmas in looks great........
oh yeh and send the hasn't arrived yet.........
I've always admired this advent looks great...are the baubles removable, and you add one each new day of the advent?

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