An oldie but a goodie

I was over visiting linen and rasberry's blog 
and she referred to a UFO that she had retreived
 as an oldie but a goodie, and i thought to myself 
i like that phrase so here it is 
my own oldie but a goodie

This is little misses quilt
it was started about 2 1/2 years ago

it still has one more border to go
a border that has a spray of needle turn appliqué draped around the corner

This is not something that will be finished
 by then end of the month
but maybe by the end of winter 
( and i am only talking about the appliqué)
it may be possible
so i guess my goal is to have the borders on this quilt appliqué complete
by the end of  spring
(yeah i know i just sneaked another 3 months in but
 i do have my stitch a-long to do as well)

 i will be having a little break from blogging over Easter

so i would just like to wish 
all my new blogging friends
a very happy easter, may you be surrounded by those you love
and have a great project in your hands



Cardygirl said…
Great quilt! Happy Easter to you!
happy easter............goodluck getting your quilt finished........

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