Out of the basket: Stoner beanie

well i have been very into my basket this last week or so, 
and with the completion of another set of night duties 
came the completion of a project from the basket........

when i headed up to Nundle little Miss (my youngest) put in a request for 
some wool for a beanie
of all the beautiful colours i could of bought, she was adamant 
 she wanted black

 this is the completed beanie
she calls it a stoner beanie, i asked why

 she shrugged and said " i don't know"
i offered maybe it is because they can hide  their pot in the back of the hat
she grinned and said maybe

anyway she is thrilled with her beanie and apparently i have a few commissions
it was very popular at school

this is a sneak peak of another project in the basket, it's been lingering 
deep down in the bottom of the basket for a while
and has finally made it's way back into my hands i must say i am enjoying it and am playing with new methods 
of stitching thanks to chookyblue and farm girl

and  this is my supervisor and constant companion, Cooper
i had the opportunity to have some stitching time yesterday afternoon
so i made a pot of tea and set up in the lounge room
it was nice and sunny and everyone else was at work / school
a rare peaceful period

i did some stitching and cooper did some supervising the best way he knows how
with his eyes shut......

Hope your having a great day


Maree: said…
I Really Like the shape of this Beanie..very Modern..
Cooper is Gorgeous..
Just love the 'stoner' hat.....your stiching looks good...and I am a sucker for fury babies, your Cooper is very cute....
one very happy beanie girl................glad to see your back into some stitching............hope we get to see more soon.........
Lyn said…
Great photos in your posts-Nundle sounds like a great place to visit, maybe one day- I have a stitching companion like Cooper as well- usually just snoozing too unless a plane or helicopter flies over and then he is all action as he tries to run after it. Silly boy!
Anonymous said…
thankyou for my lovely beanie mummy.
Your brillant daughter,
Cooper is so cute....Great to see all the action on the knitting and sewing scene...
Carly said…
I love the beanie, well done xx

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