autumn days

As summer into Autumn slips
and yet we sooner say
"the summer" than "the autumn" lest
we turn the sun away

Emily Dickinson

 Well it's been a very busy week, since last we chatted
my mum was rushed to hospital, she has lung problems
and the change in weather causes her some problems

i have spent most of my days and some nights at her side
and i am thrilled to report she is feeling much better now
and is nearly ready to go home.

as i returned from work yesterday afternoon i slowed my pace enough to notice that 
my Chinese tallow wood was trying to tell me
that Autumn is here

the woodpile in the garage tells me that the nights are getting cooler
and we are ready for winter

Chooky has been cracking the whip on all us 

the blocks above were completed when i was away at easter
i have already posted them on the stitch-a-long blog

but thought i should post them on here as well

this is my most recent  stitch-a-long work, these three are currently on the sewing table
ready  to have their borders attached

so that means that i have almost 5  blocks completed 
i need 7 completed by the end of the 

My hands have not been idle whilst sitting at mum's bedside
as it was often too dark, or i have been to busy chatting,
to work on my stitch - a - long
 i have been working on my knitting

not a beanie or beret this time
but a long awaited jumper
for me

next time i will 
fill you in on the jumpers story

until then i hope your hands are busy
working on a project you love



Sharyn said…
I love your blog...very inspirational. Sorry, i didnt know abot your mum...hope she gets better very soon.
Linda said…
I hope that your Mom is feeling better. Your blocks look wonderful too...I love Autumn here...I hope yours is wonderful too...we are deep into Spring...but it is cool and rainy today. Have a great week!
Cardygirl said…
Hope your Mum is improving...your blocks look wonderful.
Lyn said…
Take care, I hope the weather is being kinder to your mum and that she is feeling much better- your Autumn photos are great- the worst part though must be the leaves to clean up!
nice pics...........sure is glad I have a good pile of wood........nice pics.......glad to see some SAL stitching happening.......
Hope your Mum is on the improve, Trish. I was admiring the lovely HUGE Autumn leaves at Inverell this week during a work trip....lovely SAL blocks...

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