Sorry i have been a bit quiet but i have just completed a set of night duty shifts
and for me doing night shift is akin to being a bear
i tend to go into hibernation
i live in my PJ's for four days (well at home anyway) and tend to do very little 
other than read and stitch
My family would probably say i behave like a bear with a sore tooth, and occasionally they are correct but not always . . . ..

anyway enough of that

back to Camping

alot of my friends comment when i say i am going camping
"oh i couldn't do that . . roughing it and all"

but let me tell you we do not rough it

My good friend Sticky (that's her Coite's name) and i hold the firm belief 
that camping is all about taking the opportunity to do all those things that we would rarely do at home
so this year we opened 

SQUINEISHI'S beauty salon

at squineshi's we offer facials
(this is me and my friend Sticky , 
ohhh if your curious my Coite name is squishy,
 i actually scored a new name this year but that's a story for another time )
check out the view from our beauty parlor

Manicure's and pedicure's

okay i know gross i have showed you all my 
very weird looking foot but i just wanted to show you
the beautiful paint work Sticky's daughter did

and make overs

that's Miss S with her bright pink fringe and black hair giving Sticky's youngest daughter
a make - over

the end result . . . . . .

and whilst all this beautifying is taking place we enjoy a
nice cappuccino

made using Gadget's (my dear husband's) last gadget

it makes the coffee from real coffee grounds
heats and froths the milk

(bugger that i forgot to take the chocolate powder)

now you are probably thinking all this pampering 
and no place to go

we had a candelight dinner to go to

yep in the middle of a paddock we ....
all eight families
dined together under one roof
.............well a tarp

but that's not all folks we were all in fancy dress

who said that camping is roughing it
we all think it is  pretty luxurious

hope that your hands are busy making something you love



looks like my kind of camping..........lots of fun
Cardygirl said…
So much fun...night shift? guys really think of everything....looks like you had a ball.
Lyn said…
Your camping looks so much more civilised and organised than the camping adventures we used to go on and which are now a thing of the past (thank goodness!!)

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