Lourdes and Eth Beyre Petit

Today we headed further south, I don't think either of us even remotely considered how close to the French Pyrénées we would be so when we rounded a bend in the road, and we seen what's in the image below, we both were like "wow" look at that. Snow is not something new to us, we lived in Cooma for a few years so were used to seeing snowcapped mountains, but these were as far as we could see on both sides.

As the kilometres clicked over we got closer and closer. 


We arrived at Lourdes around 1pm, Lourdes is so different than I expected, I think we both expected it to be out in the countryside and isolated, but in fact we walked down a very busy Main Street with catholic souvenirs shops everywhere on both sides.  Outside of Paris, Lourdes has the largest amount of accomodation per square metre. The actual Lourdes site houses about 5 churches in the image you can see two, one on top of the other, with a crypt in the middle, under the grass, there is another huge, underground church.

This is the older church, on the top in the previous image, there were thousands of people at the site, of all ages. There were volunteers attending to all the pilgrims needs. There are even specially designed wheelchairs that the volunteers use to transport the ill, aged and incapacitated around the site.  It was a very peaceful yet emotional place to be , just seeing the hope and belief in people eyes was just heart warming.

 Eth Beyre Petit

This is home for the next two nights, a gorgeous little B &  B in The Huate Pyrénées. The owners were so welcoming. Our room is delightful and the view from our balcony is spectacular. gadget found this gorgeous little place during his hours of Internet surfing and I am so glad he did.

Gadget rarely sits still for any length of time,  but we both sat and gazed at this view for well over an hour, listening to the bells attached to the goats. I will post better photo's tomorrow. To say I m enchanted is an understatement.

Dinner tonight was literally just across the road where we had our first taste of Frogs legs. To be honest they really didn't have a strong taste, probably most like whiting fish.  They had to be eaten with your fingers I think the chief found it pretty funny when initially I picked up my knife and fork.  We've had some lovely meals in France and have both really tried to sample different foods. We both had snails in Paris. 

Anyway I am all snuggled up in my bed for the night so I will say 

Au Revoir

Until tomorrow

Googy Girl 


Anita said…
What a gorgeous place to stay! You are braver than me...no snails or frogs legs for me! The most adventurous I got was fois grois lol
Susan said…
I'm so enjoying hearing about your travels. It looks wonderful.

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