Paris day two

Sorry this one is a bit late, but I was absolutely exhausted when we got home after this adventure, I think the journey had caught up with me.
Day 2 seen us take our first ride on the metro, I have to say that it was extremely easy to use and very very efficient.

Our first destination was the hotel de invalides, which is now a French army museum, originally it was a hospital for sick or injured soldiers.  Our map reading skills still leaves a little to be desired, but we didn't get to badly lost and we made it to our destination. Sadly due to a funeral we were unable to visit the museum however we were very fortunate to be able to visit the " dome des invalides" also known as the dome chapel.

Where Napolean Bonaparte is buried.

It is a beautiful chapel and a stunning place for someone to be buried. Napolean is apparently encased within several coffins within the sarcophagus. On the floor there is the names of all the places he was victorious in battle.

Then finally we found ourselves in the Champ de Mars, standing beneath the Eiffel tour, here I have to admit I shed a little tear or two. 

In the very distance of this photo is the hill of Montmatre , you can see the basilica of the sacre Coeur . They say that Paris is a white city and when you get up high you can see that she is. Predominately all the buildings are built from light coloured stone.  The view from the Eiffel Tower was stunning. And when we reached the very summit gadget and I enjoyed a champagne to celebrate our journey to such a beautiful place.

Thank you for all the lovely comments on the first post, I hope to get back to you at some point
But as you can imagine things are pretty busy.

Au Revoir
Googy Girl


Sonia said…
I bet the champagne and view were spectacular
Bonjour Trish....ahhh I can see that view now...wasn't it just stunning!
Anita said…
How cool is it at the top of the Eiffel Tower!! Invalides is amazing....we didn't go in but we went by on our walking tour guy told us all the history. Amazing to think Napoleon is buried there!
Ta Dah,my you made it to that champagne. Hope you walked up to earn it! 😘. Don't forget to do the Arc de Triomphe at night to view the twinkling Eiffel Tower....... still think it is one of the best views in Paris!!!
Deb R said…
Napoleon how cool!! I bet you savoured your glass or two of champers!
Susan said…
Of course you needed champagne at the Eiffel Tower! Love hearing your adventures. X
Anonymous said…
wow Trish these pics are awesome and your trip is sounding amazing,enjoy my friend xx
Jan said…
I'm enjoying your adventures and taking notes for my trip in 3 weeks' time, Trish. It's such a marvellous city. Keep travelling happily. 🗼
Lovely photos keep,them coming please Googy 💖💖
a great day..........
Jenny said…
How romantic... we know your busy, catch up when you get home. Just enjoy . from Nundle to Paris who would know hey?
Fiona said…
sounds like a perfect romantic visit as it should be to Paris...
DAWNIE said…
Am very excited for you . It really is spectacular hey, makes me want to go again.

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