Mont st Michel

Yesterday we went to Mont st Michel. It was a very early start and we had several hours on a bus. We arrived around lunchtime and had this beautiful view whilst we dined.

Mont st Michel started in 709, after a bishop received a visit from the archangel Michael . At that time it was just a grotto, in 966 a community of Benedictine monks settled on the rock ( which is located in a bay and is surrounded by water at high tide. Over the centuries a abbey and monastery buildings were added.

The Rock is now totally wrapped in buildings. Which also know includes a whole community who reside on the island. The island also has fortifications which enabled it to resist the invasion of the English during the 100 year war.

The streets wind slowly upwards towards the abbey. 

The cloister of the monastery was a beautiful peaceful place.

During the French revolution the monastery sustained some damage, and the Jesus of this beautiful statue lost his head.
It was a great day, long and exhausting, hence the lack of a post last night. But well worth the trip. 

Au Revoir

Googy Girl


Fantastic Trish but we didn't get to this one!
Anita said…
Amazing place isn't it!
Janice said…
Isn't Mount St Michel stunning. We spent a lovely afternoon wandering around. We were thoroughly amazed at how they installed the angel at the very top of the spire.

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