Paris - Amboise

So today we packed up our things and headed south. The first adventure was navigating through the Gare Montparnasse ( Montparnasse railway station) which I have to say was pretty easy, I think we are starting to get an understanding of written French.

This board shows the destination and exactly twenty minutes prior to departure tells you which platform.  This gave us just enough time to get on, stow our suitcases and find our seat.  I actually got some knitting done on the train which was really nice.  It was really lovely seeing the French countryside whizz past my window. The fields were all mainly yellow as canola crops are ready to be harvested. 

We picked up our little hire car. We got an upgrade to an Audi . . . . Which was pretty nice.  Initially 
the driving was a bit nerve wracking as gadget navigated down the narrow streets, trying to remember 

to stay on the right side of the road. We had to turn our side mirrors in a few times and noticed that a lot of the locals have their mirrors turned in when they are parked.  But we made it safely and even found our hotel, once we got the GPS to play properly.

The Manior St Thomas

Tonight's accomodation is a bit rough . . . Lol .    This room is bigger than our whole apartment in Paris, and that included the bathroom. After 2 weeks climbing a ladder to go to bed, this is going to be a dream.  I even have a bath, which I ll be soaking in later.   Not that I m complaining about our little Paris apartment it was great.

We went for a little wander down the street, Amboise is really cute, almost like something out of a story book. I can't wait to get out and about properly tomorrow and get some more pictures to share with you. until then . . . . 

Au Revoir 

Googy Girl 


Susan said…
Gorgeous room. Loving hear about your adventures.
Good on you for knitting...I didn't even get my needle and thread out!
Anita said…
I should have read on after reading your last post lol. We stayed a couple of streets away from Gare Montparnasse !! We thoroughly enjoyed training it in France....all the cute villages.....but wait until you get to drive through the villages.....stunning!!

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