The trip started off well with an upgrade to premium economy, we had to bid for it , so we payed for it, but much less than full price. It was pretty nice and I enjoyed 8 episodes of broadchurch season 3 back to back

We arrived to a hot and steamy Singapore airport, with a planned 3hr stop over


Unfortunately our flight was delayed, so this was my view for quite a while
It was great for my stitching and I completed one Lucy Boston block and made a good start on the next.
Once on board we discussed with the airline staff that we had a connecting flight to Dublin, and in an attempt to get us off quickly we were moved to first class for the last forty minutes of the flight . . . . 

Got to say that would be a lovely way to travel . . .  but not in my budget. . . . lol
Despite the airline trying to help us get our connecting flight, we arrived with only 45mins until our next flight was due to take off and as we came off the flight a representative from the airline company met us with the news we were bumped to the next flight. Which after the huge walk to get through customs and security and out into the terminal I can understand why we were never going to make it.
So anyway we arrived to a cloudy day in Dublin, with the threat of rain in the sky. 
Our accomodation wasn't ready when we arrived so what do you do on a rainy Sunday afternoon in
Dublin ?


Yep you head to the pub for a bit of music and a drink


This is the Oliver st John Gogarty a pretty famous touristy pub in the Temple Bar area in Dublin, we had a lovely hour or so there,  but after a while my curiosity got the better of me and I left Marc with his Guinness and Irish music and  I headed off for a wander with my camera 


College green st/road , Dublin


A cute little pub I came across opposite Saint Andrews church
Tomorrow we have another day in Dublin, then we head off for a little explore around Southern Ireland. 

Thank you for joining me for our trip
I hope you enjoy the journey.




Susan said…
All in all a great start with two upgrades. Enjoy your trip.
Sonia said…
Woohoo, upgrades are bonuses, worthy of the setbacks.
Anita said…
At least if you were delayed you were delayed in comfort! Can't way to hear all about your travels!
Unknown said…
Excellent great to get An upgrade. Looking forward to more posts. Enjoy 😊
Susan said…
Nice to get an upgrade......the delays are all part of the story. Looking forward to seeing more.

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