The Lake District to Highclere

Today was another big day of driving as Gadget tried to tick all my "wish to see" boxes.  We left the lakes District at around 9am and travelled about 3.5 hrs to 

Stratford upon Avon

Stratford upon Avon's most famous resident was William Shakespeare
And he was born in this house in around 1564. The house is open to the public and we fortunate to have a wander through.
It was furnished according to the period

And this is how they believed Shakespeare s childhood bedroom would have looked, they believed he would have shared this room with his two brothers.

The gentleman above was one of two actors performing on the day and they were amazing. They asked for any requests and were able to cite them verbatim.

Not long after we arrived they performed two sonnets accompanied by guitar.
When they next called for requests Gadget couldn't help himself and requested the 
"St Crispin's day" speech from The play Henry V
I don't know if you have ever heard this speech but it is long and emotive and this guy was absolutely amazing

If you are interested in hearing it just ask either myself or Gadget as I filmed it and we are happy to share it with you.

After leaving Shakespeare s family home we headed to the home of his daughter, which is beautiful furnished and very well maintained. With a lovely peaceful garden to sit in.

We wandered slowly back along the water front, which had lots of canal boats, in all different colours all beautifully presented. 
As we headed back to the car we came across a statue in the park that is a memorial to 

The monument has an image of Shakespeare on top and around the bottom four of his many characters from his plays
The image above is of Falstaff who is mentioned in five of Shakespeare's plays
 After leaving we travelled onwards heading further south.

The amount of time spent in the car was good for my stitching and I finished my third Lucy Boston or this trip.

We arrived at our overnight accomodation around 5pm

The Yew tree inn was our home for the night and a 
Cuter place to stay I couldn't ask for 

The inn was full of olde world charm and had interesting little places to sit and things to see everywhere, every time I looked around I found something else to see.

We had an amazing meal here, one of our top three since being in the UK
The staff were lovely 
And after our meal Gadget had an impromptu 
Whisky tasting education session.

We had a lovely relaxing evening and the best thing was we only had to walk 
upstairs to our room.

Thanks for sharing our journey with us 


Googy Girl


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