Galway to Killarney

Not a lot to tell you about today, today was a travelling day. As we headed southwards towards
To Killarney through some really beautiful country side, I am totally besotted with the stone wall fences and the super cute Irish houses. I even seen my first thatched roof house but wasn't quick enough to get a photo.

Cliffs Of Moher
The cliffs Of Moher are located on the west coast of Ireland , in County Clare. They stretch for about 8km.
And are 214 metres high at their highest point, on a clear day you can see the Aran Islands, Galway bay, the dingle peninsula and Blasket Islands. After wandering across the cliffs for over an hour we continued our journey through some gorgeous coastal towns.
As we travelled along we munched on fresh local strawberries, purchased at a farmers gate and hobnob biscuits , which are a kind of cross between Anzac biscuits and shredded wheatmeals.

The River Shannon
Just under an hour after we left the Cliffs Of Moher we arrived on the banks of the Shannon River, at the point where the ferry crosses is was Very wide. 
The River Shannon is the longest river in Ireland at 360.5 km. 
The Shannon divides the west of Ireland from the east and south
We finally arrived in Beautiful Killarney with its gorgeous green hills to this absolutely gorgeous little 
Bed and breakfast "Friars Glenn"
Last night we attended a traditional Irish night and we're lucky enough to see some wonderful Irish dancing
It was a lovely drive which I really enjoyed just gazing at the scenery.
Thanks for continuing the journey with us 
sláinte mhaith 
( good health, in Gaelic)
Googy girl


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