Ring of Kerry

Today was another big day in the car, but wow the different landscapes we passed through.

Not long after setting just after  the village of Killorglin, we came across this cheeky fellow and his friends, just love the spot the dog has settled in . . . I payed for the photo ( donation) but it was absolutely worth it . . .

A bit further on near the village of Cahersiveen was the Cahergall stone fort. This fort is believed to have been built around the Stone Age, however no one is completely sure. This one has had some reconstruction, due to the inner stone building it is believed that this stone fort would have been home to someone of importance.

Also near the town of Cahersiveen is the remains of Ballycarbery Castle. It is believed that this castle dates from around the 16th Century. It passed through several families however it is believed that it was damaged irreparably by cannon fire in 1652. It was a wonderful structure and the views around it spectacular.

After leaving Cahersiveen, we headed to Portmagee where we had a light lunch and then headed out to the Skellig Islands.

In recent times the skellig islands have become famous due to their brief appearance in the Star Wars film the force awakens. However their history is just as interesting.  Skellig Michael is the larger of the two Skellig islands. It became the site of a Christian monastery between the 6 th - 8 th century and remained occupied up until the 12 century when it was abandoned.

The little mounds on the top of the image are some of the surviving beehive "cells" built by the monks.

If you really zoom in on this image you can see a pathway winding up to the top of the island, this pathway was part of the monastic constructions.  Access to Skellig Island is very restricted, with boats only able to dock for a couple of months of the year and then only if the weather permits.  The restrictions are in place to protect the flora and fauna of the islands.  Skellig Michael is the preferred breeding area for the puffin and several other birds.  It was an awesome sight, so rugged and remote.

The cute little village of Portmagee

Looking south towards the villages of Smee and Kenmore.

As we travelled the final few kilometres, county Kerry, Ireland continued to wow us with its diverse views and rugged landscapes . . . I could wander these hills forever, everyday would spectacular 

sláinte mhaith 
( good health, in Gaelic)

Googy girl


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