I ve been busy
sewing corners onto rectangles

sewing edges onto squares

making lots of peices

to create the blocks for 


so far i have made the peices for 12
of the blocks of the 25 needed

for me this is pretty good, 
i don't get alot of time at the machine
or with needle and thread 

is my work in progress
( one of many)
and i am enjoying the process
Miss M and i played with the blocks last night
and selected the combinations for the first
12 blocks

Miss M is enthralled and has decided that the new quilt would look great in her room

the name "Cappella" is Italian and means chapel
the fabric range is called 
"luna notte" by three sisters and means 
night moon in Italian
my MIL is Italian so in tribute to her and the range name i have gone with 
an Italian name
this quilt has gained it's name as the design 
results in many crosses, both colored and in cream
the blocks are set onpoint so the crosses are distinct
and i plan to quilt the crosses 
to highlight them

i have been working on my stitch along as well
and hope to post some pics of it soon

hope your hands are working on something that you love



Cardygirl said…
Looks the blocks and the fabric!
Linda said…
Wonderful...the blocks are so pretty and I love the colors!
Trish this is a gorgeous range of fabric....your blocks look fantastic.....this will be a stunning quilt...go Trish..
love the blocks........can I copy???
beautiful fabric..........7 sleeps.........
This looks beautiful, Trish.....I love the fabric range.....not long now!.....
Maree: said…
I Sooo Love this Block..Great Design.
Sounds like Some People's are Getting Excited about Something!

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