My basket is overflowing again

i have been working very hard lately
trying to clear my basket
and in one day

i managed to fill it to overflowing again
not that i am complaining i had fun

i discovered this super cute brooch at one of the first stalls 
i seriously looked at
they were selling the kimonos attached to a card to give away
but down below i discovered this little kit
and now i have the pattern i can make lot's of these

they were also selling these super cute earrings
i just had to have them
they have Miss S inspired and i think making these little cuties
could be her next entrepreneurial challenge

In keeping with the japanese theme
i bought this Sashiko Kit
always been interested in having a go 

I also bought this super cute little Rotary cutter
i needed it for a upcoming workshop
and of course i absolutely couldn't refuse the deal the 
on the rotary cutter blades

Of course there was absolutely no chance i would leave the craft fair
without Anni 's newest book
the biggest decision is what to make first
i just couldn't resist
this pattern for these super cute turtle doves

So with Cappella, Miss S's Quilt, my stitch -a - long
my jumper, gadget's quilt and i still have my projects from 
nundle to complete

I think i better be spending less time on here and more at the
. . . . LOL . . . .

anyway enough for now
hope you are all happy and healthy




love all your shopping............i'm sure you will get to the end of the holidays are nearly ehre and I have a couple weeks off too so hoping to get some extra sewing in..........
Anita said…
Great buys! Yes we would all get more done if we stayed off the computer LOL
Cardygirl said…
Great that brooch! Funny how we all find different treasures! Don't get scrambled trying to get it all done!
Farm Girl said…
Surely you can't ever have too many projects on the go at once ...................... at least that's what I keep telling myself. lol
The new book from Anni is gorgeous, I'm like you, can't decide where to begin. Have fun with all those projects!
Great shopping Trish...Glad to see the basket is re-stocked....can't let it get too
Linda said…
Great shopping! It looks like you got lots of things to keep you if we all need more! I love it all!!

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