Merriwa - and the running of the sheep

Miss M is on her L's and we are trying to get her hours up
one hundred and twenty hours is a lot of hours

so Today i decided to take her to Merriwa for the running of the sheep
from Newcastle at the speed limit an easy five hours for me for her with her 
80 km/hr speed limit nearly six hours

I had first heard about the Merriwa festival of the fleece
about two years ago and have been keen to see the running of the sheep ever since

apparently the tradition of the red socks started in 1994
the tradition was inspired by a similar event in Montana USA

I think they look really cute but the socks look a little more 
like leg warmers than socks

the little human lambs were pretty cute as well

i found this lovely lady hidden away in one of the community halls

her spinning was so fine and so even it was gorgeous, 
there were some truely lovely
hand spun, hand knitted garments for sale

this very clever guy was exhibiting his skills in whip cracking
here the whip is going right down under his feet
hope chooky hasn't been taking lessons from him

there were street stalls selling all sorts of goodies and 
a quilt exhibition  in the community hall, 
working sheep dog exhibitions and  shearing

 Miss M and i had a really great day, a lovely lunch at the RSL
and a pretty nice drive up and back.
i must say though it is pretty hard watching your nervous child 
doing the speed limit
and other vehicles go screaming past her . . . . . overtaking

hope you all have a really lovely long weekend
i hope to get some good quality time sewing time

i hope your hands are busy working on a project you love



Cardygirl said…
WIsh I had known you were going as I had no one to go with & it is an easy drive from my place! Glad you had is a great day out!
Anonymous said…
So glad for you they day stayed dry, when we were there Miss Merriwa showgirl(the football captain) dressed in his best gown started the shearing demonstration. a great sight.
Lyn said…
Sounds like you had a great day out. I left the driving lessons to my husband , as I knew that I wouldn't make a very good passenger for my girls when they were learning!
big drive but looks like fun.........think I would need some serious lessons to crack a whip under my
oohh....'L's''re very brave on that score.....looks like you had a great day....
You are a good mum......looks like a great day...

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