craft and quilt fair 2011

In the wee early hours of the morning
when most normal people
are curled up in their beds
and the sun was still nowhere to be seen
sticky (my camping buddy) and i
hopped the train to Sydney


Craft & Quilt Fair 2011

after about two and a half hours of non stop chatting
(seriously we spend sooo much time together i don't know how 
we can still manage to chat non-stop for two and a half hours)

we arrived at central station 

to a beautiful sunny winters day

after a short trip on the rail link tram we  arrived

at nine it looked like this by mid morning most booths were
 two or three deep
(point to remember hit the booths you are most interested in early)

after two hours Sticky heard the forewarned lament
owww i want to come back tomorrow, not enough time

at 11:30 i caught up with this scraggly group of bloggers

left to right back row ( the wicked )

left to right front row ( the teachers pets...)
Time to stitch , ME , and  Chooky

it was so good to catch up with the girls in real life, 

after having a rummage through each others bags, and a bit of a yak 
Sticky and i dashed off 
( we only had a five hours to go and we had only 
finished the first two isles)
we definetly need more time here . . .

i had a good look at the art you wear exhibit, Sticky had found another
card making stall . . . . 

this gorgeous dress was made by
Svenja in queensland and was called Siren of the sea

around two thirty we had finished every isle, and with encouragement 
Sticky wandered off to a workshop..

i wandered off ready for a second look at some of the stalls
when i was discovered by 

 . . . . . Chooky . . . .

with very little encouragement i was persuaded to see the quilt display
and discovered that Chooky and i have very similar taste in quilts

This one had us Ohh ing and ahhing
unfortunately unlike my very experienced blogging friend 
i didn't take a picture of the tag, so i can't tell you whom worked her 
fingers to the bone to create this beauty

at quater to five with aching feet and heavy bags...

sticky and i emerged from the exhibition centre to see the sun going down over to Sydney

we had to make a mad dash for the tram, as we though our train was leaving imminently
but managed to arrive with plenty of time 
( i think sticky's watch was fast, and i didn't look at myn)

on the trip home we rummaged through our bags like
two kids with their show bags, showing each other our purchases

. . . . Card makers have ALOT of gadgets . . . .

So you want to know what what we bought . . . .
Well sticky got a mountain of stuff . . .

Me . . .
well i think you will have to wait till next blog post

until then 



Maree: said…
It Was Soo Great to Meet You too Trish...We All Chatted like Old
TFS & Glad you made it home safe & sound..
Anita said…
Glad you had a great time - was lovely to meet you! I finally got to check out my goodies today LOL
Cardygirl said…
Hey Googs! Aren't I wicked????
Great to catch up.....have been flat-out since coming home and have only had a quick peek at all my goodies....can't wait for the weekend for a real play......glad to see you've made plans for next Sue Daley???? she'll be at Nundle.....
oh what a day..........scraggly bloggers????? was fun when we caught up but just not enough time.......nice to wander the quilts with you and YES we do have similar styles we have to sleep over next year...........
So there you are gorgeous are those girls....glad you had a good time....
Trish I think the big ooh and aah quilt is a design of Chris Timmins from Grafton, NSW....she usually designs Bargello quilts.......if you visit her retreat info at Misty Threads in Dorrigo you will see that she is teaching how to make this quilt in September at a Dorrigo Retreat.....Well I think it's the same quilt, by the photo...hope I'm right....
bettsylyn said…
How did I get to be one of the wicked ones? I was very good that day. :)

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