playing with photoshop

I have just finished another set of nights, and again feel that i am emerging
 from my sleepy cocoon. During a run of nights i usually just muck around with
 whatever i can find that doesn't require a long attention span
and provides some instant gratification
yesterday i was sleepy the bed was warm the cup of tea sweet and
my lap top close at hand

i discovered 

Kim's blog is centered around her photography and the use of 
textures as an overlay
to make the photo's more interesting / arty

personally  i think her photo's are great anyway but texturising them is amazing

so this is what i learn't in about 30 mins yesterday

this is the original image taken by Kim Klassen
pretty nice shot (looks a bit like my bedside table)

this is what the photo looked like after a bit of playing with photoshop
and Kim's 
stained music paper and stained paper

the same image using 
the peeling paint and cinnamon texture's

my photo taken on a Coite's weekend


. . . . Texturised . . . .

just a bit of fun for a cold winters day when you just feel too tired to do the chores

think you may be seeing more texturised images

OOhhh  I could re - do the header AGAIN . . .

better get back to the sewing machine . . . 

oops i mean back to the chores . . . of course . . . . LOL

what do you like to do on a cold winters day?



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